Carly 1st birthday!

Carly’s 1st Birthday Party! (Part 3)

I’m so glad we were able to head up to Indiana in May and celebrate Carly’s 1st birthday with friends and family! It was a great day. The party was at our dad’s house, so we kept it simple... Read more
Carly 1st birthday!

Carly’s 1st Birthday Party! (Part 2)

Party days can be so hectic, and my camera often gets forgotten once the party actually begins. So the day after Carly’s birthday party, we put Carly’s birthday dress back on her and gave her a second round with her smash... Read more
Carly's 1st birthday party

Carly’s 1st Birthday Party! (Part 1)

Last month we celebrated our sweet girl’s first birthday not once, but twice!  We had a small bonfire/party here in Georgia, and another party for family and friends in Indiana. I kept the parties simple with an outdoorsy theme... Read more
12 Months Balloons

Carly Anne – Monthly Photos

I loved our little monthly photo shoots, especially now that I can see all of Carly’s changes from month to month. I’m also glad I recorded a few of her milestones each month. When Luke was a baby, I kept... Read more
12 Months

Carly Anne – 12 months

Well, our little girl turned ONE a couple weeks ago! We just love our chubby-cheeked, blue-eyed girl! (This is her “carry me” sign…I see it often!) Read more
Carly - 11 Months

Carly Anne – 11 Months

Well, another month has gone by much too quickly. Not only are the kids growing up way too fast, but this little blog of ours has been highly neglected! Anyway, Carly is less than a month away from turning... Read more

Carly Anne – 10 months

It’s getting harder to take pictures of Carly because she is so inquisitive and doesn’t like to sit still (unless I’m holding her). See that bald spot on the top of her head? Somehow she got super glue in... Read more

100 Days of School

Doesn’t Luke make the cutest little old man? Last month, Luke’s class celebrated their 100th day of school and dressed as old people. Obviously, I had fun with this! I found the hat on clearance at Target, made the... Read more
Carly - Snow

Let it Snow!

Well, we survived Winter Storm “Pax”! (Until this past week, I didn’t even know that they named winter storms…) And I have to admit, we enjoyed ourselves! It all started on Monday when the weather forecasters predicted that the... Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are enjoying your day, however you have chosen to celebrate it! Truthfully, we don’t treat Valentine’s Day any different than any other day. Andy and I don’t exchange gifts since we pretty much... Read more