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Hiking – Red Top Mountain State Park

Red Top Mountain State Park is about 15 minutes from our house so we go often. Not only do we hike the trails all year long, but we swim in the lake in the summer. Good times! Luke was a... Read more

Hiking – Keown Falls Trail

Last month we headed a couple counties over to hike the Keown Falls Trail. Any trail name with the word “Falls” in it, is sure to catch our attention. Of course, they’re never anything like the waterfalls we saw... Read more

Hiking at Vogel State Park

Hiking is one of our favorite things to do as a family, so we do it as often as possible. We’re fortunate that there are several nice trails within 15 minutes of our house, yet we enjoy driving a... Read more


While I slaved away in the kitchen making our big Thanksgiving Day feast, Andy ran the Second Annual Woodberry Place Mayflower Mini Marathon (M3). He didn’t run it alone this year though. Our friend and neighbor, Rusty (an Ironman),... Read more

Enjoying Fall!

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love when the air turns crisp and cool. I love going for hikes when the leaves are changing colors and you can see all shades of yellow, green, orange, and red... Read more

Cloudland Canyon State Park

 Andy and I LOVE to go hiking, and we haven’t let Luke stop us. We recently hiked some Cartersville trails (Pine Mountain and Cooper’s Furnace) and decided to hike Cloudland Canyon State Park today. This state park is about an hour from our... Read more

Luke’s first hike!

 The weather last weekend was BEAUTIFUL (unlike today when it has rained for almost 24 hours straight!), so we decided to take advantage of it and take Luke on his first hike. We went to Pine Mountain in Cartersville... Read more