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Fun Nights

I’ve had a few fun weekends lately!  First off, one of our favorite bands back in college (who we traveled all over to see) played in our hometown a few weeks ago!  The Why Store played at The Stable... Read more


Wow – it’s been almost 3 weeks since we’ve posted anything on here. Guess our only excuse is that we’ve been busy! We have a lot to catch up on though, so stay tuned. A couple weeks ago Ali... Read more

Idina Menzel

  Those of you who know us know that we LOVE Broadway theatre.  And you probably know that 2 of our top favorites are Rent and Wicked.  This love of theatre came from our Grandma who took us to... Read more

Liza Minnelli

Last Wednesday night, my friend Andrea and I had a girl’s night out. She had heard that the legendary Liza Minnelli was performing with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and we decided we couldn’t miss our chance to see her... Read more


Jen and I have been huge fans of musical theatre ever since our grandma took us to see The Sound of Music in 1994. We’ve been fortunate to see many Broadway musicals since.  While I was home for Christmas,... Read more

The Why Store

We had a great long Labor Day weekend!  Hope you did too!  We watched a lot of college football and ate some great food.  We watched Purdue lose to Notre Dame (at least it was a loss to another... Read more

Butch Walker Show!!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on this blog yet, but my favorite musician is Butch Walker. He is an amazingly talented musician who most people have never even heard of. His albums are great, but his live... Read more

Spring Awakening

Have I mentioned that I love musical theater?    My grandma started taking Jen and me to shows when we were freshman in high school. Our first show was The Sound of Music. I remember being utterly amazed by... Read more