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Fontina Mushroom Pizza

Fontina Mushroom Pizza

Growing up, I definitely disliked mushrooms. I would pick them out of some of my favorite dishes (like Chicken Tettrazine). Today, they’re one of my favorite foods! I LOVE them on pretty much anything. Combine them with pizza, one of... Read more

Mexican Pizza

We drove to Indiana last Thursday (Cinco de Mayo), so we celebrated Quatro de Mayo instead with some Mexican Pizza. Pizza is one of my favorite foods, mainly because there are so many different flavor combinations, as well as different types of crust... Read more

Beer Bread Pizza

Since St. Patrick’s Day is a big drinking holiday, we decided to make some beer bread pizza for dinner.  I saw this recipe a while ago and was intrigued. I never would have thought beer would help make a pizza... Read more

Philly Cooking Creme House Party

Last week we found out that our brother, Matt, was flying in for the weekend.  Even though we weren’t the main reason he was coming home (how can we compete with Pizza King?), we wanted to get together with... Read more