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Gumdrop Wreath

I am really digging wreaths right now! Last week I made the Monogram Wreaths and went to girl’s night where we made Christmas wreaths.   Last night, since Andy went to bed VERY early, I decided to start two... Read more

Book Page Wreath

Last night, I also made a Book Page Wreath from Living with Lindsay. Like the gumdrop wreath, this one caught my eye right away, especially because I’ve never seen anything like it. The fact that it can be made for... Read more

Monogram Wreath

 Living with Lindsey is one of the many blogs that I follow. She is very crafty, something I am trying to become more of, especially since I’ve been home on Maternity Leave (only 1 month left…ugh!). Anyway, she made these... Read more

Wreath-Making Girl’s Night

 Tuesday was girl’s wreath-making night and so much fun! Good friends, good food, good drinks (hot cider, hold the rum for me!), good crafts…what more can you ask for?!? I left my house with these:        ... Read more