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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are enjoying your day, however you have chosen to celebrate it! Truthfully, we don’t treat Valentine’s Day any different than any other day. Andy and I don’t exchange gifts since we pretty much... Read more
Etched Canister

Teacher Appreciation Week – Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week was this past week! This year, as a class, we decided to do a small gift for Luke’s pre-school teacher each day of the week. Here’s what we ended up doing! Monday, May 6th – “You’re... Read more

Baby Gifts – Onesies

Jen and I sure aren’t doing a good job keeping this blog updated, are we? Here are some onesies I made last August. Andy’s sister, Kayla, had two baby showers to attend and wanted some ideas for onesies to give as... Read more
Bunny Pouches

Easter Eggs

Since Jen and the kids will be down here in a couple days, I decided to gather up some Easter goodies for Nick, Mamie and Luke. As you can see, Luke is pretty excited about his! I got the... Read more
Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts!

Our friend (and old college roommate), Lori, is having a baby in just a few short weeks! Unfortunately Jen and I didn’t make it to her baby shower, but that didn’t stop me from sending her some homemade gifts. I... Read more
Baby Gift - Onesies

Baby Shower Cookies/Baby Gift

Some of our good friends just had a baby! We met baby Jase last Sunday and he is adorable! At three weeks old, he seemed so alert, smiled at us, and has a head full of blonde hair. Anyway,... Read more
Luke Firetruck Vinyl

Luke’s new bedroom – Vinyl decal and growth chart

We recently moved Luke from his nursery into his new big boy bedroom! He was so excited about the move and quickly decided that he wanted a fire truck theme. This was perfect since I had collected a few fire... Read more
Vinyl Projects

Vinyl Projects

For a while earlier this year, I became quite obsessed with vinyling pretty much everything possible in my house. Here are a few examples!     First, I labeled canisters (from Walmart) and bottles (from The Container Store). All... Read more

Luke’s Valentine’s Day shirt

I teach a college computer course. The second week of classes, we discuss digital technology. You know, all about bits and bytes and binary and such? We actually spend quite a bit of the class session converting text to binary... Read more

Customer Orders

Whenever I have a sale in my etsy shop, I tell my customers that I would love to see pictures of the items in their home. Several happily obliged so I thought I’d share them with you tonight! Aren’t... Read more