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Nursery Reveal

Nursery Reveal – Baby Carly’s Room!

I had so much fun planning and decorating my soon-to-be little girl’s nursery! As you’ll see, there’s a lot going on in this tiny room, but I love it! Luke never spent much time in here, but I’m hoping... Read more

Happy Halloween Dessert Table!

To celebrate Halloween, as well as the kid’s birthdays (since they are born in September, October, and November), we decided to put together a Halloween dessert table! We had Chocolate Cake Pops, Halloween Oreos, Candy Corn Cupcakes, Pumpkin Brown... Read more

Luke’s 2nd Birthday Party!

My little man, Luke, turned 2 last week! He is really into trains these days, so we decided to have a train birthday party for him last weekend. Lucky for us, our town has a former train depot, so... Read more

The Big Latch On 2011

A few weeks ago, my friend Jacky (from Mummies Nummies) hosted The Big Latch On 2011 at Evelyn Ashley Boutique in Cartersville. It was great! You may be wondering though, what was it all about? Well, it was all... Read more

Natasha’s Baby Shower

Remember our friend Lydia’s baby shower back in June? Well, Lydia had her beautiful baby girl 6 weeks ago and is loving being a Momma.  Her sister is pregnant now and at Lydia’s shower, Lydia said she liked everything... Read more

Gift to Myself

As I said earlier, I love Lisa Leonard Designs! When I bought the Pewter Heart Wall Hanging for our friends’ wedding, I decided to treat myself to one of her Decor items as well. I went with the Pennant Banner... Read more

Cupcake Party (Sugar Cookies & Banner)

After Luke’s birthday party, one of our friends (Shanna) told one of her friends (Amanda) about the party. Amanda has an adorable little girl, Alyssa, who had a first birthday party coming up so she asked for my advice on some... Read more

Ballerina Party (Cupcake Toppers and Banner)

A friend asked me for some ideas for her daughter’s ballerina themed first birthday party a few weeks ago and I was so excited to help. I ended up making cupcake toppers and a birthday banner for the party. For... Read more

Happy Birthday, Nick!

I can’t believe that Jen’s son, Nick, turns 5 today. It is really amazing! It hardly seems possible that five years have passed by so quickly. I remember weeks of waiting for the phone call that Jen was in labor... Read more

Luke’s Dukes of Hazzard 1st Birthday Party!! Part 4 – Outside

**Don’t forget to check out and comment for our Giveaway! It’s a great gift package! :) Since we were planning on about 20 kids and 15 adults, we knew most people would spend most of the party outside. Our... Read more