Mossy Initial Wreath

I’m always on the lookout for a season appropriate wreath for our front door and have been seeing some moss covered wreaths popping up all over blogland. I love them!  A few weeks ago, Heidi at HoneyBear Lane made a Moss Wreath, then a week later, Amy at The Idea Room made a Moss Covered Initial. Their methods were pretty much the same with the biggest difference being the type of moss used, so I combined the two methods to create my own H intial for our front door!
All you need are the following supplies:  
  • Letter – I found mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off making it $4.99. I’m sure I could’ve found one MUCH cheaper or even cut one out of foam board, but I liked the shape and sturdiness of this one.
  • Ribbon – I dug through my ribbon stash and found this pretty yellow polka dot ribbon.
  • Instant Green Moss Cloth – I found this at Hobby Lobby for 50% off making it $3.49. There were a lot of different kinds of moss, but I liked this because of its mesh backing. I didn’t use the whole package either so hopefully I can come up with another use for it!
  • Hot glue gun – I’ve had one of these for years and believe it or not, hadn’t gotten this one out since before Christmas!

Not only was it cheap, but it was easy (and this is where Andy would insert some off color joke about the girls he dated…)! Basically, I laid the sheet of moss over the initial, traced the initial with a Sharpie, and cut the moss about 1/2″ around the traced letter. Then I took the moss off, hooked the ribbon around the top of the “H” (some letters will be easier than others), put the moss back on the letter, and glued the moss onto the edges of the initial. I didn’t use glue on the top of the initial, only on the sides. Hope that makes sense! I did this after midnight one night last week and didn’t take any pictures of the process, but the tutorials I mentioned above are very helpful!

It literally took me about 15 minutes to do! Now that’s the kind of project I like!


I absolutely love it hanging on my front door although Andy complains that it bangs around too much when the door is opened and closed. Men! :) 
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