Halloween Mantel

Remember my mantel decorations for Luke’s birthday party? Well, I just couldn’t bring myself to take them down. Lucky for me, the color scheme goes perfectly for Halloween, so by making just a few small changes, my mantel is now ready for Halloween in 18 short days!

First, I flipped the “Happy Birthday” banner around. Believe it or not, I was thinking ahead when I made the banner. One side is the Dukes of Hazzard fabric, and the other side is orange and black felt. All I had to do was cut out the letters for “Happy Halloween” and it was ready to go.


My favorite part of the mantle is the Candy Corn Wreath from Woman’s Day. I just love it! I have a ton of the black, orange, and white candy corn left over from Luke’s birthday party, so this was a perfect use for it (Andy doesn’t like candy corn and if I keep it around the house, I will eat it all!). The only other change I made was to spray paint the foam wreath black instead of using black duct tape. Sorry for the bad quality pic…it was dark outside when I took it.

I also hung it on my front door and love how it looks there too. I can’t decide which place I like better!

I made a few other small changes too. I added “BOO” to the black vase and topped it with a pumpkin, added a few glass jars of candy, and added an orange bucket with black vinyl “Trick or Treat” lettering.

So that’s my Halloween mantel! Do you decorate your mantels for holidays or special occasions?

I’m linking up to Halloween Mantel Linky Party at The Stories of A 2 Z. Come join the fun :)

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  1. Beth@The Stories of A to Z says:

    So, so cute! Love your candy corn wreath and your banner! (And your little guy of course just makes it all the cuter!) Thanks for linking up :).

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