Ornament Wreath

Yes, it’s the day after Christmas, but it was the first time all week we could get together long enough to give this project a try! So…here’s our Christmas Ornament Wreath.

Other instructions we found (like here) said to start out with a wire coat hanger. Well, our dad surprisingly doesn’t have any of those (only wooden and plastic hangers, I’m jealous!) so we had to search his house for another option. Luckily, we found this wire that would work perfectly. Jen had boxes of glass ornaments that she no longer puts on her tree (since the kids broke several last year). The only other supply we needed was a hot glue gun.

It didn’t turn out as well as we had hoped, but Jen promises to display it next year and Ali plans on attempting to make another one next Christmas.
Posted by at December 28, 2009
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